1968 P1800 Volvo

P1800 Concept

Dave Herries – I have been looking for a hotrod project for a while and I decided I wanted to build a Volvo P1800 Street Rod.  I looked at several cars but most were in rough condition and had a lot of rust. I found this car in Norfolk, Nebraska and purchased it October 9, 2013 for $3,500.  It was originally purchased as a repossession in 1974 by a dealer and he parked it in a garage and it had not seen the light of day for 39 years. I drove to Norfolk and picked it up and spent $200 in gas getting it home.





The body is in fairly good condition, no rust but the car had been bumped in the rear end and there was some damage that had been repaired primarily with bondo. The engine was seized and the suspension was very stiff. BUT, no big deal, the engine and complete drive train and the entire suspension system is going to be replaced after some extensive body work.

On my way home I stopped in a small town and washed the dirt off the car. An act that my body man was not happy about because he wanted to see the 39 years of dirt buildup for some reason.

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