1968 P1800 Volvo – Preliminary Body Work

Rear Panel


Dave Herries – The body work is being done by Ryan Emmel, Emmel’s Enamel.  At this point he has removed about a pound of bondo from the rear end of the car and molded in the tail lights and recessed the licence plate cavity.

Also, he has removed the drip rails and all of the Volvo emblems and the side trim.  He installed a Volkswagen headlight on the drivers side but I did not like the looks of it so I told Ryan to french in the headlights.  My goal is for the car to have the characteristics of a Cobra.  If all goes to plan we will come close that goal.





As Ryan removed the body trim a lot of bondo was revealed hinting that the car may have been side-swiped at some time but Ryan felt that the damage was not too bad because it cannot be detected from inside the panels. He is proceeding to straighten out the body panels, install the headlights and the bigger task is reforming the wheel wells to accommodate the new 17″ wheels and the much lower suspension system that is to be installed.  See below:

So far the costs are:

Purchase and delivery: $3,700
Body work to date: $2,100

Front Suepension

Project Plans:

Deliver the car to Oklahoma City to have the front and rear suspension system installed, modified firewall to accommodate new engine, rack and pinion steering system installed, 4 wheel disc brakes and rear end installed. Estimated cost: $15,000

Return the car to Denver to have the body work completed and painted and install seats. Estimated total body work cost including paint: $15,000

Deliver car to mechanic to install new GM LS6 engine, transmission and exhaust system and other accessories such as power steering, power brakes and air conditioning. Estimated cost: $10,000

Complete a new interior. Estimated cost: $2,500

Total project budget: Less than $40,000.

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  1. Al Breland
    Al Breland says:

    I am attempting to sell my El Camino so I can build a P1800. I was excited to find someone else already headed down that path. Keep the updates coming. Big Al Breland founder and former owner of StreetRodding.com

    • dherries
      dherries says:

      If you are looking for a P1800 body to work with setup a search on Google and you will get a few responses over time. Remember this is a unibody car – no frame. Be sure you get a body that is as rust free as possible (but you know that). Thanks for checking in.


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