C10-4-Link and Air Bag Installation

The 4-Link systems is basically finished and the Air Bag system is in place.  It looks like the truck body will be about 4″ off the ground.

Suspension at ride height:


Rear air bags and 4 link suspension installed.

Suspension with bags deflated:

The bed will have to be tubbed and a channel installed to provide room for the suspension system to raise all the way.


Deflated Air Bag:


Now we work on the front suspension and frame powder coat.

C10 – Frame Preparation

We have been preparing the frame for the air ride suspension and powder coating.  So far we have the passenger side triangulated 4-Link and air bag mounts installed and working on the drivers side. Because of the narrowed Ford 9″ rear end configuration we have had to make several modifications to the components and their placement but the project looks good and should be ready for powder coating soon.




C10 Deconstruction Project

The C10 has been completely disassembled down to the frame.

After Pulling engine

The cleanup work on the frame is in progress. The previous owner has already notched the frame for a rear end drop and the rear suspension was moved to the inside of the frame rails.  We have been cleaning up the welds and preparing to install a full air ride system.  The tri-angulated four link will have to be installed inside of the frame rails as well.

Preping the frame

Preping the frame-2

The 454 Big Block was delivered to the machine shop to be bored and rebuilt. There will be hotter cam installed and other work done to improve the engine performance. The Turbo 400 transmission has been completely rebuilt and a 2600 RPM Stall converter installed. The engine will come back all cleaned up and running well and will have headers and other go-fast goodies.

Engine at Machine Shop

1941 Ford Pickup

1941 Ford Pickup

I purchased this 1941 Ford Pickup from a neighbor and even though it looks rough the body is not in bad shape. I am having a frame kit made to put it on a Chevrolet S10 Frame. It will be a great street rod when it is done. This is going to be a long term project.

1941 Ford - 7

1941 Ford - 4

I am not sure yet what I am going to do with the bed. The fenders and floor are missing. I may find a substitute bed.

1941 Ford - 5

1976 Chevy C10 Pickup


I picked this truck up at an auction in Southeastern Nebraska. The project has been started by the previous owner. The top has been chopped 2 1/2 inches, the Ford 9″ rear axel has been narrowed to accommodate the wide tires. The engine is a 454 Chevrolet Big Block that runs.

I will be working on the clean up of the body, engine and frame. The bed is not in the picture and will have to be “tubbed” to fit the rear wheels.  The plan is to pull the body from the frame and update the front and rear suspension systems. The metal is in very good shape and is mostly new but there is no interior so a lot of work needs to be done to get it street ready.





1968 P1800 Volvo – Preliminary Body Work

Rear Panel


Dave Herries – The body work is being done by Ryan Emmel, Emmel’s Enamel.  At this point he has removed about a pound of bondo from the rear end of the car and molded in the tail lights and recessed the licence plate cavity.

Also, he has removed the drip rails and all of the Volvo emblems and the side trim.  He installed a Volkswagen headlight on the drivers side but I did not like the looks of it so I told Ryan to french in the headlights.  My goal is for the car to have the characteristics of a Cobra.  If all goes to plan we will come close that goal.

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1968 P1800 Volvo

P1800 Concept

Dave Herries – I have been looking for a hotrod project for a while and I decided I wanted to build a Volvo P1800 Street Rod.  I looked at several cars but most were in rough condition and had a lot of rust. I found this car in Norfolk, Nebraska and purchased it October 9, 2013 for $3,500.  It was originally purchased as a repossession in 1974 by a dealer and he parked it in a garage and it had not seen the light of day for 39 years. I drove to Norfolk and picked it up and spent $200 in gas getting it home.

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1937 Pontiac Street Rod

Pontiac2-No Background

Pontiac Eng-small

Dave Herries – I purchased this unique street rod through an ad on the internet in November 2000 for $18,000 and had it shipped to me from Ohio.  I wanted a street rod that would also double as a car that I could use to drive my clients in when showing houses thus the need for a four door sedan. This car is a classic example of the art-deco designs that were common in the last 1930’s. When you look at the details in the body work you can see that the manufacturers did all they could to carry out the artistic themes of the period. The high end General Motors cars including Pontiac, Buick and Cadillac were excellent examples of art deco designs of the period. Other cars like Cord and Packard also had wonderful art-deco appearances.







The 1937 Pontiac four door sedan had been built by the previous owner and was painted in a deep maroon metal flake finish. The interior was nicely done with a red and gray motif and was complete with all of the modern amenities including: Power seats, Power windows, Tilt steering column, AM/FM stereo and much more.

During the time I owned it I rebuilt the transmission, replaced the engine, replaced the front springs and one of the shock absorbers (very difficult to find replacement shocks for a 1937 Pontiac) and did a lot of miscellaneous repairs. Getting replacement parts was a challenge because many of the components on the car were from other cars. For example the steering column was from a 1956 Cadillac and it needed a replacement ignition switch that was very hard to identify). The car was sold 11/8/2003 to a buyer in Utah for $25,000. Broke even.

Pontiac Int3

Pontiac Int-small

Pontiac Int1






When I received the car the engine was a 1972 Chevrolet 402 Big Block that ran OK but seemed a little tired. It had a 350 transmission as well as power steering, power brakes, air conditioning, cruise control and a 453:1 rear end.  The engine had a four barrel carburetor,  ported heads and exhaust headers which gave the engine a boost in power but the old technology only afforded 7-9 miles per gallon and it had to run high octane fuel because of the high compression heads.  One afternoon I was driving and the car lost oil pressure and the engine siezed requiring a replacement engine. I found a slightly used 454 Big Block that had been bored to 468 cubic inches that I purchased for $1,000 and after installing my milled and ported heads on the new engine the new engine produced something over 400 HP and ran GREAT!


Pontiac Eng1